Episode 26 – Telling Your Story w/ Sarah Johnston

May 5, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

There’s no one in the workplace who can bring exactly what you have to offer! But, knowing how you bring value and being able to clearly and confidently articulate it are very different things. Politicians hire campaign managers and actors hire agents to help them stand out and put what makes them special on display. These relationships have one goal: Ensure that they are the one who is selected. If you’re looking for new work or a promotion, are you ready to tell your story in a way that gets you selected?

On episode 26 of the Career PROgressions Podcast, the Briefcase Coach, Sarah Johnston, joins me to share tips she has used to help hundreds of job seekers from all levels get chosen for the roles they wanted. I hope you’ll choose to join us for this conversation!


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