Episode 27 – Seeing Your Way Through Difficult Times w/ Scott Thornhill

May 5, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

What are you struggling with right now? How much is it getting in the way of your goals and your quality of life? Sometimes a health issue, a job you hate or a job loss can send you spiraling into despair. We get it! If you’ve been following Mark’s story this year you know why. On this episode of the Career PROgressions podcast, Mark’s good friend Scott Thornhill is joining us for a very personal discussion about seeing your way through difficult times. His advice is, “If you can see the purpose behind the struggle then the struggle becomes a gift.” Considering Scott’s struggle was completely losing his precious eyesight, We were very curious about how he continued to stay motivated to keep moving forward. If you’re curious as well and would like to know how puts his advice to work in his own life everyday join us for this conversation.

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