Episode 13 – How do you See your Job Search? w/ Keanu Trujillo

May 5, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

“You’re just seeing it all wrong!” Have you ever had someone say something like this to you? It’s amazing how differently people can sometimes see things. Over the centuries, some amazing work has been done to help us understand our personalities and operating styles. Tools like DISC and the Enneagram can help us gain a new level of awareness. But, have you considered using these tools to evaluate your career vision? Enneagram coach and CEO of True Strategy, Keanu Trujillo, joins Mark to have this enlightening conversation.

https://assessment.truestrategy.info/ Keanu has offered a free Enneagram assessment to the first 50 listeners who go to and enter this Access Code: REVEALTALENT

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