Episode 33 – Engaging the Hidden Job Market w/ David Perry

May 5, 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

Sometimes when we believe in something that’s seems impossible or too good to be true it blows up in our face. Well, if you’re a job seeker, here’s something that seems too good to be true: The Hidden Job Market. Over the last several years, news outlets as reputable as Forbes and CNN have reported as many as 70% of available jobs are not even posted.  But, is that really true? On this episode of the Career PROgressions Podcast, David Perry (International speaker and author of the #1 best selling job search book of all time, Guerilla Marketing for Job Hunters) joins me for a conversation about this mysterious world of potential opportunity. He’s also going to share his proven strategy for engaging these hidden jobs and make you a true believer!

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