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The Story of Reveal Talent and your community.

Our Journey

It started with an overdue question – “Shouldn’t recruiting focus on what’s most important – the lives of those seeking new opportunities?” 

We dedicate much of our time to our careers that impact our overall livelihoods. A better career can lead to better vacations, being able to save more for your child’s college fund, or even being able to retire early. 

We have doctors and financial advisors to help guide us through life, so why not a career advocate?

This is why the REVEALTalent Community exists. It’s here to help you own your career by giving you the resources, coaching, and community network so that you can be proactive and intentional about creating a career that will allow you to live your best life!

Learn more about our career philosophy and strategy for proactively and intentionally creating your best career by taking our FREE Owning Your Career course. Just click on the button below.

Purpose-Driven Recruitment™

Our Purpose-Driven Recruitment™ methodology is dramatically different from the old “placement fee” models. We focus on the Career Drivers of our candidates and how those align to the employment value proposition of our clients. With decades of providing career coaching as a central element of the recruiting process, building the REVEAL Talent Community was the logical next step.

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